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What We Do

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Desperately looking for top-quality Information Technology Consulting Services to help design your business communication solutions?

If yes, do get in touch with us at Remego. We are strongly committed to providing end-to-end, value-added services to help your business succeed.

As a nimble, reliable and experienced technology service provider in the contact centre space, we constantly aim to delight our customers and partners by delivering high-quality and value-added services. Our key strengths are in designing and implementing innovative applications for contact centres. Our team includes solution architects, systems specialists and highly experienced software developers who constantly work as a team to deliver customized solutions at the cutting-edge of the industry.

Remego maintains a fundamental commitment to excellent service that will be evident in everything we do.


Latest News

from us and our partners

  • How a basic understanding of the Human Brain will help you succeed April 15, 2019
    Did you know that Neuroscientists have recently discovered that “Social Pain” is dealt with using the same resources, and area of the brain as our biggest fear “Physical Pain”.  In fact at some point today almost all of your CSRs / agents will feel somewhat undervalued, unfairly treated or measured, isolated, uncertain or undervalued and […]
  • Oxytocin, the key to untapped human performance March 27, 2019
    “The neuromanagement challenge is to design a work environment in which oxytocin can be released many times during the day.” Kenneth Nowack, Paul J. Zak. As well as Oxytocin reducing levels of cortisol in the body and lowering blood pressure, it’s release naturally enhances a sense of: Optimism Trust Mastery Self-esteem So creating an environment […]
  • Before You Can Engage Your Customers… You Must Engage Your Agents April 4, 2019
    Employees are the ambassadors or your business, and their state of mind during customer service calls greatly affects the dynamics of these conversations and ultimately greatly affects the customer experience.  But only in the past few years has agent happiness been recognized as a key ... Continue Reading » The post Before You Can Engage […]
  • When I grow up, I want to be Customer Experience Pioneer Jeanne Bliss March 19, 2019
    Okay, if I can’t be her, then I want her to keynote ACE 2019 – and guess what, SHE IS! I’ll admit that I have been a long-time fan of Jeanne and her podcast series The Human Duct Tape Show, but throughout our keynote evaluation process, ... Continue Reading » The post When I grow up, […]
  • The Power of AI to Drive Change April 19, 2019
    AI presents a huge opportunity, possibly bigger than digital transformation itself. The World Economic Forum predicts that digital transformation will The post The Power of AI to Drive Change appeared first on Avaya Connected Blog.
  • Moving with Markets April 18, 2019
    The Asia-Pacific region (APAC) is experiencing an immense period of economic and technological change.  And Avaya is moving with the The post Moving with Markets appeared first on Avaya Connected Blog.

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I like Remego because it makes my life a lot easier, they are the perfect partner for our operation.


Remego is always there to help us.