CX Suite I Omni Agent

Deliver informed, powerful interactions in and across every channel, turning routine interactions into strong customer connections

Multichannel Choice

  • Channel choice: voice, chat, SMS social and email
  • Customers choose the channel that works best

Omnichannel Experiences

  • Seamless cross channel experience
  • Service continuity from self-service to live-assistance

Be Proactive

  • Automated multichannel campaigns
  • High-touch proactive customer care through voice, email or SMS

Anticipate Needs

  • Send relevant and timely messages
  • Personalize messages on preferred channel

With CX Omni Agent, you can deliver informed, powerful interactions in and across every channel, turning routine interactions into strong customer connections

  • Provide engagement choices for customers, so they can select the most appropriate channel, based on where they are and what they are doing.
  • Provide a consistent and seamless cross channel experience when customers engage, inquire, and request service thru whatever channel suits them
  • Power automated multichannel campaigns and high-touch proactive customer care delivered through voice, email or SMS to stay connected with customers
  • Deliver extraordinary service by anticipating customer needs and sending proactive and personalized service communications on their channel of choice
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CX Suite I Compliant Outreach

Deliver informed, powerful interactions in and across every channel, turning routine interactions into strong customer connections

Dialing and Pacing Options

  • Preview
  • Precision
  • Predictive
  • Automatic
  • Blaster

Engagement Strategy Tools

  • Best-time-to-contact
  • Right party contact tools
  • Contact histories
  • Retry and Escalation options

Advanced List and Campaign Management

  • Centralized attempt and consent tracking
  • Number portability tracking
  • Regional compliance controls
  • Regulatory compliance tools to help comply with TCPA, CFPB, Ofcom, and more

Enterprise Outreach Coordination

  • Serve as a central hub for enterprise outbound envionments
  • Coordinate engagement activity across the enterprise
  • Support omnichannel and omni-platform ourbound coordination and control


Proactive outreach is fundamental to keeping customers engaged, informed and on schedule whether for appointments, bill payments or other events and activities.

  • Support every outbound engagement strategy with dialing options including: Preview, Precision, Predictive, Automatic and Blaster
  • Leverage best-time-to-contact capabilities and track contact histories to inform optimal outbound strategies
  • Deploy smarter campaigns with centralized attempt, consent, and number Portability; tracking and regional compliance controls
  • Comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements like TCPA, CFPB, OFCOM and other governmental regulatory bodies

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Employee Experience | Quality

Integrate quality monitoring with recording and evaluations to get a comprehensive view of agent quality and compliance

Review Interaction

  • Search and review voice recordings and text transcripts
  • Playback, stop, start and pause two-sided voice and desktop interactions
  • Insights into the complete customer experience

Create Custom Evaluations

  • Quality evaluation forms
  • Customize forms for specific interaction types
  • Clear insights into the complete customer experience to help improve agent quality and performance

Evaluate and Calibrate Agent

  • Evaluate quality from the perspective of agent, supervisor and customer
  • Calibrate quality scores across evaluators to ensure consistency
  • Transfer scoring request and give specific timeframe to perform the calibration scoring

Agent Assist

  • Skill Assistance
  • Suggest Training content
  • Self-evaluations
  • Ability to review marker points where a coach noted the call could be improved

With Alvaria Quality, you can enhance CX, agent effectiveness, and compliance adherence by effectively assessing quality of voice and text-based customer interactions from multiple sources.

  • Easily record, playback, stop, start and pause both two-sided voice and desktop interactions.
  • Robust evaluation tools give insights into the complete CX and help improve agent quality and performance.
  • Alvaria Quality Calibration interface helps ensure all coaches are providing uniform measures for scoring by including a workflow capability that automatically schedule all coaches to score certain pre-qualified calls.
  • Agents can be given opportunities to self-evaluate by initiating coaching sessions where both agent and supervisor can evaluate the same interaction.
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