CX Suite I Omni Agent

Enhance your customer and workforce experience with leading-edge contact center solutions by Alvaria, the world leader in enterprise-level customer support, employee engagement, and automated telemarketing software.

CX Suite I Inbound and Outbound Calls

The Alvaria Customer Experience (CX) Suite is the inbound and automated outbound dialer software you are looking for to optimize your contact center operations. Look forward to providing effective interactions and automated outbound calling for telemarketing across various channels, transforming everyday encounters into lasting relationships with your customers.

Features of CX Suite

You can maximize engagement as an automated outbound dialer, enhance the quality and efficacy of customer contacts, satisfy legal and regulatory obligations, and cut expenses with CX Suite’s range of integrated features, including self-service and live contact management capabilities.

Multichannel Choice

  • Live interactions and inbound and automated outbound calls are supported across various channels, from voice, chat, and email to SMS and social media.
  • Customers have the option to select which channels of communication they prefer.

Omnichannel Experiences

  • Alvaria’s configurable platform offers a user-friendly UX that makes it simple for agents to access tools and systems for managing omnichannel contacts, boosting productivity.
  • Seamless cross-channel experience.
  • Service continuity from self-service to live-assistance.

Be Proactive

  • Its scalability allows for the building and expansion of contact center features to cater to the growing needs of businesses.
  • Automated multichannel campaigns.
  • High-touch proactive customer care through voice, email, or SMS.

Anticipate Needs

  • Every interaction is enhanced by real-time monitoring and historical analysis, which guarantees high-quality service and helps with agent training.
  • Send relevant and timely messages.
  • Personalize messages on preferred channels.

Alvaria’s CX Applications

Enjoy exceptional contact center management with Alvaria’s top-of-the-line contact center solutions.

Voice Agent

Considering that voice agents form the foundation of contact centers, it is important to use them to the fullest extent possible for both inbound and automated outbound calls in Singapore.

Omni Agent

Give consumers the omnichannel support they want these days by using voice, email, web chat, SMS, social media, and mobile.


Provide customers control and convenience through self-service choices with modern Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and digital, AI-powered language systems.

Complaint Outreach

Maintain contact center compliance with constantly changing laws and the requirement to safeguard customers’ classified information.

Advanced Outreach

Raise customer experiences and your company’s automated telemarketing efforts by using all-inclusive outbound contact center solutions.

Fraud Detection

Real-time data checks on network data can help protect the customer experience from cybersecurity attacks and fraud in today’s digital world.

CX Omni Agent I Automated outbound calling for telemarketing and more

With CX Omni Agent, delivering compelling interactions across multiple channels and creating functional telemarketing software are made possible. As more and more people are turning to new digital channels, it is imperative that companies take the initiative to engage with customers according to their preferences and activity.

  • Customers should have options for interaction so they may choose the best channel based on where they are and what they are doing.
  • Provide a consistent and smooth cross-channel experience for customers to interact, enquire, and seek services via their preferred channels.
  • Provide proactive customer service and automated telemarketing in Singapore with powerful automated multi-channels, delivered through voice, email, or SMS.
  • Provide exceptional customer service by anticipating their requirements and contacting them on their preferred channel with personalized service messages.

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Download UIP brochure
Download Single, Unified Platform brochure

CX Suite I Compliant Outreach

Deliver informed, powerful interactions in and across every channel, turning routine interactions into strong customer connections

Dialing and Pacing Options

  • Preview
  • Precision
  • Predictive
  • Automatic
  • Blaster

Engagement Strategy Tools

  • Best-time-to-contact
  • Right party contact tools
  • Contact histories
  • Retry and Escalation options

Advanced List and Campaign Management

  • Centralized attempt and consent tracking
  • Number portability tracking
  • Regional compliance controls
  • Regulatory compliance tools to help comply with TCPA, CFPB, Ofcom, and more

Enterprise Outreach Coordination

  • Serve as a central hub for enterprise outbound envionments
  • Coordinate engagement activity across the enterprise
  • Support omnichannel and omni-platform ourbound coordination and control


Proactive outreach is fundamental to keeping customers engaged, informed and on schedule whether for appointments, bill payments or other events and activities.

  • Support every outbound engagement strategy with dialing options including: Preview, Precision, Predictive, Automatic and Blaster
  • Leverage best-time-to-contact capabilities and track contact histories to inform optimal outbound strategies
  • Deploy smarter campaigns with centralized attempt, consent, and number Portability; tracking and regional compliance controls
  • Comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements like TCPA, CFPB, OFCOM and other governmental regulatory bodies

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Download Alvaria ALM Datasheet

Employee Experience | Quality

Integrate quality monitoring with recording and evaluations to get a comprehensive view of agent quality and compliance

Review Interaction

  • Search and review voice recordings and text transcripts
  • Playback, stop, start and pause two-sided voice and desktop interactions
  • Insights into the complete customer experience

Create Custom Evaluations

  • Quality evaluation forms
  • Customize forms for specific interaction types
  • Clear insights into the complete customer experience to help improve agent quality and performance

Evaluate and Calibrate Agent

  • Evaluate quality from the perspective of agent, supervisor and customer
  • Calibrate quality scores across evaluators to ensure consistency
  • Transfer scoring request and give specific timeframe to perform the calibration scoring

Agent Assist

  • Skill Assistance
  • Suggest Training content
  • Self-evaluations
  • Ability to review marker points where a coach noted the call could be improved

With Alvaria Quality, you can enhance CX, agent effectiveness, and compliance adherence by effectively assessing quality of voice and text-based customer interactions from multiple sources.

  • Easily record, playback, stop, start and pause both two-sided voice and desktop interactions.
  • Robust evaluation tools give insights into the complete CX and help improve agent quality and performance.
  • Alvaria Quality Calibration interface helps ensure all coaches are providing uniform measures for scoring by including a workflow capability that automatically schedule all coaches to score certain pre-qualified calls.
  • Agents can be given opportunities to self-evaluate by initiating coaching sessions where both agent and supervisor can evaluate the same interaction.

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