Multiple Touch Points.

One Solution.

novomind iAGENT enable you to manage all customer service communication within a single platform, such as EMAILS, calls, live-chat, WhatsApp, WeChat, FB Messenger, Telegram or LINE, including smart chatbots.

Route all enquiries to the right agents automatically using powerful NLP and text recognition for multiple languages and connect customer profiles to your existing CRM system.

Analyze a full history of your customers’ interactions with your company across all channels, empower your agents by giving them access to the customer journey and in this way increase employee and customer satisfaction at the same time.

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iAGENT is a powerful customer communication management tool that can be used in a variety of scenarios to streamline and enhance customer interactions.

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Interactive Use Cases:

Watch how different iAGENT can be used in different scenarios

Video shows how a Collection department uses different channels (call, SMS, WhatsApp) to engage with customer.

Interactions from all channels are available on a single platform – iAGENT – seamless transition between channels.



Video shows how influencers and marketing companies can use iAGENT to manage their leads coming from different social media channels.

Video shows how comments on Facebook are handled by iAGENT.

The comments can be categorized and in this case, compliments and complaints categories.

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