In today’s increasingly globalized world where consumers have a plethora of options on who to do business with and customer expectations are quite high, omnichannel customer service can make the difference between failure and success. An omnichannel contact center is basically software for call center integration in Singapore that allows customer service representatives to share information and provide support across several channels.

In recent years, omnichannel contact centers have become more and more popular owing to the unparalleled levels of support experience they deliver. With support teams’ enhanced capabilities to understand consumer needs at scale, an omnichannel approach has created an enormous impact on the way consumers around the world interact with brands and on how these brands address their needs. Read on to better understand how omnichannel contact centers help improve customer experience.

Top Features to Look for in an Omnichannel Contact Center

1. Omnichannel routing

Omnichannel routing works in much the same way as call routing; it enables admins to establish rules for which representatives respond to customer enquiries, regardless of the channels on which these interactions are initiated.

For instance, if a customer messages a website through chat asking about a particular product, they would automatically be routed to an available product specialist from the sales department. The interaction would appear automatically within the specialist’s dashboard, and they would be able to type their response to the chat message without needing to navigate away from their dashboard.

2. Business software integration

One of the most outstanding features of an omnichannel contact center is that it can enable you to transition between different software platforms. To do this, your contact center will have to integrate with in-demand third-party CRM, team collaboration, project management, and marketing tools like Zoomand Microsoft Office 365.

3. Customer sentiment evaluation

Customer sentiment evaluation makes use of automated artificial intelligence (AI) to find patterns of speech, words, and phrases that indicate the emotion of a customer during an interaction. It provides companies with a chance to optimise employee training and allow managers and agents to better comprehend their customer base as a whole.

With team chats and text messages, customer sentiment evaluation also determines crucial words and phrases for sentiment analysis. It can utilise such evaluation to automatically direct representatives to particular relevant sections of customer service wikis, so they can provide faster and better assistance.

On the other hand, with voice calls, AI makes use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools to determine customer service keywords like “refund,” “billing,” or “order late,” which helps managers identify the most common reasons why customers reach out for support and what needs improvement.

4. Analytics and reporting

Monitoring historical and live communication center KPIs aids admins in understanding their customers better, measuring individual agent and department efficiency, and identifying common roadblocks as well as the most active communication channels.

It is necessary for communication platforms to include both pre-made template reports that are exportable and are run automatically at set intervals as well as customisable reports that enable admins to select and track their most essential metrics. Some of the most important analytics include average video/phone call duration, first contact resolution rates, number of interactions in every channel, cost per contact, and contact abandonment rate. 

5. Workforce management

Workforce management (WFM) for contact centers, especially when used in combination with analytics, enables admins to establish more productive teams. It helps to distribute workloads evenly, organise agent scheduling, monitor current agent activity and availability, and forecast future trends, among others. In most instances, WFM tools are available as add-on features for contact center solutions.


There are many reasons why unified communication channels have become prominent, specifically in the customer service industry. With their tremendous capabilities, functionalities, and benefits, it really comes as no surprise that omnichannel contact centers have become quite in demand in recent years. That said, to maximise the advantages of an omnichannel contact center, it is important that you adopt the best practices for unified communication channels that will help ensure the optimal customer experience.

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