A year ago, we deployed Paessler PRTG Network Monitor onto our customer’s site to monitor real-time system conditions such as bandwidth usage and collect statistics from hosts such as routers and switches. We then integrated a year’s worth of data into Elastic through custom grok filters in Logstash.
Our focus was on specific router interfaces that are connected to external system traffic.
In Elasticsearch, we curated three indexes – traffic, QoS (Quality of Service) and IPFIX (Internet Protocol Information Export). And in Kibana, we create different dashboards to answer some operational questions.

Q1: How did different interfaces within the same router perform ?

Combine traffic sensors routing to the same external interface onto a

Q2: Did traffic Speed change with Increase Volume ?

Plot Speed against Volume on the sensors from the same router using to compare different interfaces in the same router. Is there a reason for the difference in rate of change among the four interfaces ?

Q3: Which parameter (Jitter, RTT, PackageDelay) has the largest fluctuation ?

Plot a with time (y-axis), MOS (y-axis) and timestamp to visualize relationships or trends between two variables that have different units of measurements.

Q4: Possible to find out which sensor may have affected QoS ?

Use Elastic Layers to display multiple indices (traffic and QoS) to check on co-relation between a sensor and QoS.

Q5: What are the top protocols used in the network ?

A that shows Speed and volume against time. With this graph, we could easily see which protocol occupies the highest bandwidth and which protocol has seasonal cycle ?

This particular customer service story serves as one of the many examples of how Remego pursues a goal of excellence and adapts quickly to customers’ requests. Remego has three main pillars of excellence: on-premise and cloud contact centre; outbound dialer and network monitoring. Remego prides itself on being a nimble, reliable and experienced solution provider that aims to delight its customer by delivering high-quality, value-added technology in both the contact centre and network monitoring spaces.

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