In partnership with novomind, Remego presents iAGENT, a cutting-edge omnichannel Contact Centre solution seamlessly integrated platforms for communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. While focusing on email as a primary communication channel, this article explores the enduring relevance of email and how modern features can revolutionize contact centre operations.
Despite being a mature technology, email remains a cornerstone tool for contact centres, especially when equipped with modern features. This article explores how novomind iAGENT Mail can redefine your email management strategy.
Why Email?

Customers prefer email due to its convenience and asynchronous nature. Moreover, email offers a written record of customer interactions, facilitating inquiry tracking, issue resolution, and ensure accountability. Additionally, email supports the attachment of documents, images and other multimedia files, enabling customers to provide detailed information about their inquiries or concerns.

Key Features of novomind iAGENT Mail:

1.Intelligent Email Routing:
While conventional methods use drop-down subject lists for email routing, novomind employs advanced AI text recognition to identify keyworks and phrases in email subject lines. Additionally, novomind iAGENT Mail dissects email bodies into smaller text units to aid category classification.
This categorization streamlines routing to the most appropriate team, ensuring efficient handling of inquiries such as the differentiation between order-related or delivery-related emails.

2.Customized Templates and Text modules:
novomind iAGENT Mail leverages AI-discovered information to suggest responses tailored to agents. This includes templates with fillable sections for specific details, for example, collection agent can follow-up on an email by using readily available template to summarize payment options discussed earlier with customer on a call.
Text module, on the other hand, offers pre-written responses for common scenarios, such as addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs) on bank address and operating hours.

3.Email Quality Assurance:
Email quality is important for enterprises, emphasizing error-free, well-designed, and accurate information. novomind iAGENT Mail has integrated “Quality Assurance” and “Clearance” features that ensure good communication quality.
“Quality Assurance” randomly forwards reply mails as copies to supervisors for review, ensuring adherence to professional tone and addressing specific concerns effectively. “Clearance” allows 100% review for emails under specific categories or individual agent prior to delivery. For example, emails to high-value clients might benefit from this review, guiding junior agents requiring additional oversight maybe another use case.

4.Service Level for each Category:

Contact centres can define response time targets for different categories. Using a “traffic light” indicator, agents can easily identify emails approaching or exceeding response time limits. This feature facilitates timely handling and reassessment of tickets as needed.

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