In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, contact centers are essential in managing queries, meeting consumer needs, and bringing about many business benefits. This demand can undoubtedly lead to high call volumes and long wait times, catalysts for strained experiences for both callers and contact center agents. Read on for tips on managing these stressors and maximising productivity at your center.

1. Forecast and schedule

Contact centre jobs are extremely people-based, with peaks and lulls for incoming caller traffic. Customers are most likely to call in during regular peak periods, and centres can use this information to their advantage when managing the daily caller loads. Analysing historical data and trends to predict call volumes allows companies to predict peak periods and schedule enough agents accordingly. This guarantees sufficient staff coverage, even allowing room for backup agents for crisis management should any issues arise.

This proactive scheduling reduces the risk of both understaffing and overstaffing and keeps agents feeling assured and confident to tackle the working day efficiently. Employee retention is also boosted by allocating sufficient time during off-peak periods for well-deserved breaks. This can be maximised with the caller-traffic analysis so breaks can be scheduled during more idle hours. This ensures that callers are satisfactorily handled while still providing agents with stress-free break periods.

2. Flexible scheduling

Companies that offer part-time or remote working options may find themselves in a position of increased manpower and workload capabilities. Agents can use an omnichannel chat platform in Singapore to work remotely, reducing travel time and giving flexible working hours. Part-time employment will also open businesses up to agents working in short shift intervals, being available during peak hours to aid with the increased call volume at a lesser cost.

This flexibility allows companies to quickly scale up or down based on call volume fluctuations, minimising wait times and maximising agent availability. The omnipresent chat platforms, a staple for effective contact centers, offer agents the ability to work anytime and anywhere. It also allows companies to outsource for geographical talent, not limiting their employee pool to just one location.

3. Leverage self-service

Self-service for callers is a great way to tackle increased call volumes without engaging agents. This leaves room for employees to tackle pressing matters while customers directly manage their needs. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems offer automated menus and call routing that make navigation a breeze. Self-service options allow them to address their own concerns quickly. If extra assistance is needed, they can reach the appropriate department directly without a third party, saving time for all.

For self-service, having a comprehensive database of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and troubleshooting guides is essential for customers wanting to solve their own needs. This repository of information allows customers to find answers quickly and easily to their questions without ever needing to speak to an agent directly. Agent workload will be dramatically reduced, mitigating call volumes and wait times which can improve the overall quality of their work.

4. Virtual hold

Some days, increased wait times are inescapable. Customer satisfaction rates could take a hit from letting callers stay on the line during this extended waiting period. To mitigate this, implementing systems to allow virtual holds and allow callbacks from contact center agents could enable customers to continue with their daily activities and receive a callback whenever an agent does become available. This reduces stress on both the caller and the agent and enhances the overall customer experience.


Contact center support is essential for consumers to have needs addressed and an excellent way for businesses to offer personalised aid to truly connect with customers. Implementing systems and practices to maximise consumer satisfaction and retention while minimising stress for agents is vital to a successful and effective contact center.

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